Here at Studio Shishi, our main focus is the Avaiyo Series, but we also offer services to fulfill the needs of clients and their artistic demands. There are 2 primary categories: Professional Services and Amatuer Commissions. While we tackle projects both Professionally and Amateur, we prioritize professional level collaborations.


Projects geared towards companies & businesses requiring artistic work on Intellectual property, Copyrighted & Trademarked material are Services of a Professional level.

The following is a list of services we provide:

• ADVERTISING - Web Ads, Banners, Signs, Billboards, etc.

• DESIGN - Concepts Art, Product Design, Characters, Landscape, etc.

• INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - Logo Design, Copyright, Trademark, etc.

• WEBSITE - Designs, Layouts, Artwork, Maintenance, SEO, etc.

Need Something else not on the list? We offer many other services not listed above. Just let us know what you need and we'll work from there.


Services begin with a deposit of $49.99 for the first hour of work, and $39.99 for each additional hour needed to complete the project.


Our primary focus is professional services, but we may occasionally accept amateur requests. There is a huge difference between professional and personal solutions. Commissions are cheaper, because they are not copyrighted materials.

These are products/designs/concepts/services you cannot reproduce for means of sales, profit, marketing, advertising, etc.

With Commissions, Studio Shishi (as the creator of commissioned works) DOES retain artistic rights, hereby in evidence of creating said works, and may display and reproduce copies to showcase artistic merit.

(We do not accept on-the-spot commissions when at conventions, but may schedule an appointment for one.)


Commissions begin with a deposit of $24.99 for the first hour of work, and $19.99 for each additional hour needed to complete the project.


We, at Studio Shishi, are excited to be creating Avaiyo. With its release, our goals are forever looking forward. One of our main objectives is bringing Avaiyo to every country in every language. If you are interested in acquiring licensing rights for merchandising or to publish Avaiyo: Myriad Law in a particular country and language, please visit our Contact Page.

To request a quote or if you have any questions, please Contact Us.