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The Avaiyo Series

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The fantasy world of Xiltria...

In this apocalyptic world, people are just beginning to relearn the concepts of magic. Humanity has just won their freedom in a bloody struggle against an oppressive tyrant. As they continue to learn what it means to be free, they're starting to understand their own culture and the dark, twisted past of their ancestors while continuing to fight against the remnants of a fallen empire.

This is a world where everyone can practice and study Xaology (magic). From the youngest child to the eldest grandparent, it's part of their everyday lifestyle and something everyone is capable of. Having been enslaved for most of their lives, the citizens of Xiltria must “relearn” these once inherent traits. In doing so, they are beginning to uncover knowledge about their past. However, the deeper they dig, the more they realize some things should have been left buried.

The story takes place almost eight years after the Tamiran Empire was overthrown by the very slaves they commanded. The fall of this world power gave way to the rebirth of three Great Nations: Brosha, Ikabia and Plake. Working together, they are trying to restructure the world, establishing peace and prosperity, all while struggling to eradicate the Dark Legion.

Emerald Moon, one of the many guilds enforcing law throughout the world, stands at the forefront in the fight against the Dark Legion. While facing many dangers, secrets are uncovered that could shake the very foundation of Xiltria itself.

The cast of Avaiyo: Myriad Law. The main characters and members of Emerald Moon. From left-to-right: Lage, Sekken, Fayli, Eyader and Iyo(bottom)


Avaiyo: Myriad Law intends to run for a very long time. This is an ongoing Saga that delves into an intensely deep story as time progresses and secrets are uncovered. Currently, there are 4 volumes available and chapters in Volume 05 are releasing on a regular basis.

This is only the beginning...

Avaiyo.com - Avaiyo: Myriad Law's "Official" Website.

Avaiyo.com - Avaiyo: Myriad Law's Official Website.

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We, at Studio Shishi, are excited to be creating Avaiyo. With its release, our goals are forever looking forward. One of our main objectives is bringing Avaiyo to every country in every language. If you are interested in acquiring licensing rights for merchandising or to publish Avaiyo: Myriad Law in a particular country and language, please visit our Contact Page.